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Heated Blankets

Custom Blankets - Click Here for PDF

Atmo-Seal Engineering, Inc. manufactures heated and insulated blankets for use in the diesel, automotive and stack emissions, control and process industries. Our heated and insulated blankets are used to gases for analysis; viscosity control for fluids and petrochemicals; FDA and Dairy; freeze protection.

Our typical operating range is 550 F, but ranges in excess of 1000 F and 3000 F are available.

Blanket Features

Heated Blanket 200 C plus operation Choice of AC 50-60 HZ or DC operation in a wide range of heater voltages
Constructed from a variety durable, high temp materials specific for your application
Extensive use of fiberglass, ceramic, high  temp foam and other insulations
Heaters may be replaced easily in the field


Heated blanket for flex tube with Velcro fasteners (above) and lace (below)







Custom Heater for High Flow Pump

Heater for Ball Valve

Our Blankets and Heaters are "Smart Designs"...

At Atmo-Seal, Inc. we know your heated blanket applications may be tricky. Our extensive use of 3D modeling and mock-ups produce the best fitting blankets in the industry.

Our heaters may be separate and form-fitted to your components for the most even and accurate temperature transfer possible. Our heaters are easily removed and replaced inside our insulated blankets for quick maintenance and serviceability. Our blankets are designed to be used world wide. Our blankets and heaters are constructed with UL, CSA and CE approved materials and can be compliant with US, Canadian and European specifications, so you can respond to your clients globally

Heated Jackets for Poly and Foam Dispense and "Hot Pockets"

Atmo-Seal, Inc., makes and sells jackets and hose wraps for Iso-Foam, Single-Part and Multi-Part dispensing systems used in construction and industry. These jackets are made from tough polyester and silicone-saturated fabrics; have Hook-and-Loop closures for ease of removal & service and may be insulated, self-limiting heaters or mult-zone units with electronic temp controller. 


Junction Heaters and "Hot Pockets"

Commonly called "Hot Pockets" in the industry. Atmo-Seal, Inc., provided junction heaters in a wide variety of configurations. These are either slave devices, driven from connectors on our heated lines or with their own sensors for exact control.  Our tough, reliable junction heaters may operate at temps to 500 C. - Atmo-Seal, Inc.,  - making cold junctions a thing of the past.

Like all of our products, our heated and insulated blankets carry a full 18 month limited warranty.


As always, Atmo-Seal, Inc., delivers a host of customized options in a timely manner...without jeopardizing your delivery schedule.

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