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Emissions Sampling Systems
Atmo-Seal Engineering, Inc., designs and manufactures Front End Sampling Systems for sample routing, conditioning and testing.  We specialize in one-up custom systems to route, filter, heat/chill and condition your sample up-stream of your analyzer.

Like all Atmo-Seal products, there systems are custom designed to your specifications. The systems below were all designed and manufactured by Atmo-Seal for a specific customer requirement. 

Custom Emissions Carts

FTIR Portable Bench - click here to download

Portable Gas Analyzer Carts

Our custom-configured, heated analyzer carts provide complete emissions sampling, conditioning, filtration and calibration. Custom carts are designed specifically to interface with your FTIR, FID or other gas analyzer. Multiple sample gas inputs,  multiple cal gas inputs, computer interface and remote operation, liquid nitrogen delivery & automatic replenishment, integrated ovens and remote data logging are all options for your custom-configured emissions cart. 

Just present us with your unique application and we will design and build low-cost, one-up (or more) emissions packages to fill your needs.






The DHS-J11 "Sampling System in a Suitcase"

DHS-J11 Portable Sample Filter/Pump/Router Download

An inexpensive alternative to the mini-bench above is the DSH-J11 portable sample handling system. The  DHS-J11 features user-selectable dual sample inputs to a single output, heated filtration, a heated pump and onboard temperature controllers for both the internal products and external ASE sample lines. 

All of this in a compact, tough and portable. The DHS-J11 is the perfect low-cost solution for sample handling and routing for your emissions needs. 


NOX Sensor Testing System

Synopsis:  This system provides both heated, filtered sample and calibration gases by pumping the sample through a heated sensor crucible. Systems like this one are used to test sensors and components; provide accurate background data for comparison to real-world data; prove the accuracy of sample train calibration gases.

Pump, valves, heaters and controls are all self-contained in this package. (shown without cover for clarity)





Heated Sample Routing & Drying System

Synopsis:  This system heats, routes and removes moisture from an emissions sample. The sample passes through a heated, flow-adjustable, multi-input sample router and into a (customer's) analyzer cell. The source os the sample is via the front panel switches. The sample exits the cell and is exhausted after being analyzed.

This system contains, valves, a compact sample dryer, internal heater control and additional temperature controllers  for heated sample lines, pumps, filters as required by the customer. Flow may be adjusted manually  or electronically via the use of on-board, automated pressure / flow controls.

Pressurized Gas/Liquid Heated Filter System

Synopsis: This system is designed to supply a heated, filtered, pressurized liquid and/or gas to an analyzer. The media is placed inside the heated pressurized chamber (left) where it passes through a manual control valve an into a three stage heated filter manifold. Systems like this one are used to provided filtered gases &  filtered fluids to test and evaluate production filtration for  manufacturing. They are also used to provide clean, warm, filtered media for laboratory use.


Tough Custom Designs for Your Application

All of Atmo-Seal's mini systems are high-quality, tested systems built to our customers' exacting specifications. Our systems incorporate both our custom-made devices as well as user-specified sensors, pumps and other components.

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