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Contact Atmo-Seal Staff & Directions
Contact Atmo-Seal Staff & Directions
Atmo-Seal has the hose and high-temp accessories you need...

We make and sell Junction Heaters for heating couplings between heated components, rope and strip heaters, custom silicone & fiberglass heating pads, and a wide range of other products used in emissions, dispense and materials handling.

   Silicone Hose And Assemblies
Choice of 2, 3 or 4ply
     Optional Abrasion rings
     Optional Teflon lining
     Made to order lengths and diameters
     Your choice of cuff sizes and types

High Pressure Teflon Hose
   Braided High Pressure Hose
     Teflon, Corrugated Stainless Steel or other Liners
     Choice of End Fitting types and sizes
     High, medium and low pressure
     Your choice of cuff sizes and types

High-Temperature Silicone Tapes
Self-Fusing Silicone Tape
     Operates from -65 to 500 F
     Sticks only to itself, not other materials
     Conforms to MIL-A-A-59163, Type II specifications


 High-Temperature Fiberglass Tapes
  7 mil thick adhesive backed tape, 36 yd rolls
     Operates up to 500 F
     4000 Volt dielectric strength
     150 lb/in tensile strength

   High-Temperature Insulation Strips
1/8" thick, widths from 1"  to 12"
     Operates to 500 F
     Spun from Kevlar (tm) fibers for superior strength
     50 yd rolls, off-white/yellow in color


High-Temperature Silocone & Fiberglass Sleeves
     Operates to 500 F, 2200 F short-term exposure 
     1/4" to 6" Diameter, woven or knit
     Sheds molten metal, resistant to most oils and solvents
     Red Oxide or Aluminum Saturated to reflect Heat


A One-Stop-Shop for High-Temp and High PSI Products

At Atmo-Seal, Inc., we know you have more important things to do than bounce from Vendor to Vendor looking for  high-temperature and high pressure specialty products.

We offer a full line of high-temperature components and materials for all of your dispense and emissions sampling needs. From Ceramic Tapes and insulations, to silicone hose and Teflon hose assemblies, to high temperature silicone and fiberglass braided hose sleeves, to Teflon tubing, Atmo-Seal has it all.

We also supply custom gaskets and seals, high-temperature cloth and fabric, high-temperature potting compounds, Teflon coated and fiberglass sleeved and Thermocouple wire, high-temperature electrical crimps and terminals. And what we do not stock, we can supply.

So consider ASE when looking for anything heated or high temperature.

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