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Temperature Controllers designed for your system

Temperature Controller for Heated Lines, Heated Filters, etc.Temperature Controllers
Choice of AC 50-60 HZ or DC operation  in a wide range of voltages
Choice of Thermocouples, RTD,  or other sensors
Rack Mount or Free-Standing designs for  Laboratory, Shop, Factor or Field Use
Industry Standard connector configurations  for ease of installation and replacement
Programmable, PID and Fuzzy Logic schemes for accurate temperature maintenance


Individual Control package (above)
 19" Rack Mount Design (right)
 Multi-Channel package (below)

Tough, Versatile Designs

Atmo-Seal, Inc., we know you need fast, accurate and versatile temperature controllers and modules to ensure proper temperature maintenance. We offer a complete line of standard and custom controllers to regulate our heated sample liner, heated hoses, heated filters, heated pumps, heated valves and...well you get the picture.

Our control packages are designed to with the "Three Rs" of temperature control in mind:, Repeatability, Reliability, Response. We know how rough life can be on a Plant Floor, in the filed, in Dynamometer Labs and Test Cells and CEMS Sites.

Our temperature controllers are available as single or multi-channel units enclosed in lightweight plastic enclosures; standard 19" rack modules; NEMA Rated enclosures and integrated units built into our other products and offerings.

We supply a range of standard connectors targeted at your industry, be that Emissions, Adhesives, Stack Testing, etc. All of our control packages have their own circuit breaker/fuse, on-off switch, power cord, enclosure, connector set and properly sized relay. Incoming power is provided by standard power cord connector types any may be hard-wired at your discretion.

Our control packages come complete and warranted for 18 months. The best warranty in the industry.

Temp Controller Tech Doc

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