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Contact Atmo-Seal Staff & Directions
Atmo-Seal's Enduro-Flex Dispense Heated Hose...

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Atmo-Seal Heated Hose Wizard

Heated Hose
Choice of AC 50-60 HZ or DC operation in a wide range of voltages
Choice of Thermocouple, RTD, Internal Thermostat or other sensors
Inner Tubes made from EPDM, Silicone, Teflon Corrugated Stainless Steel or other materials
Super-flexible design, lightweight and tough  in sizes from 1/8 to 4" and larger
Optional Exteriors and materials to match your
application,  including Hazardous Locations


High Pressure Hoses, Swage port, Female JIC, Un-heated, braided Teflon hose core

BHH Heated Hose - Used for virtually all dispense applications for hot melt and plastics
TDH Heated Hose - Super-Tough Hose designed exclusively for dispensing hot tar for road repair and patching
HWX  Heated Hose - Designed for Wax Dispensing, may be FDA
HDH  Heated Hose - Designed for use on Docks and rough service conditions to transport petrochemicals, effluent, water. High PSI rating and extremely robust design.
HCZ  Heated Hose - Used in Classified & Hazardous, Including Class 1 Div 1 Group CD
BHF  Heated Hose - Used for FDA approved dispensing & viscosity control
FDH  Heated Hose - Used in Pharmaceuticals Dispense
HPH  Heated Hose - Dual and Single Core Spray Foam Heated Hose
HCP  Heated Hose - Robotic dispense applications, high stress, rapid movement/flexing

 Time Proven, Tough Heated Hoses

Atmo-Seal, Inc., we know that a heated hose gets stretched, dropped and slammed every day.  Our Enduro-Flex Heated Dispense Hoses are designed for their environment: Factory Floors, Outdoor Petrochemical Transport, Dairies & Bakeries, Pharmaceutical Plants, Injection Mold Shops, Paint Booths, Road Patching, Spray Foams, Robotics and Packaging, etc. Our staff has been designing process heated hose for over 20 years.

Our heated hoses all feature light-weight and flexible with operational temperatures in excess of 100 to 1000 C. Our use of high quality materials and meticulous construction techniques produce the most reliable heated hose on the market today.

We offer a choice of durable exteriors to make your heated hose suitable for the most extreme environments. Our  exteriors can be specified for direct burial, outdoor use, hazardous locations, extreme cold, desert and the tundra. Wherever you need a tough, accurate heated hose, we will go there.

Our heated hoses carry a full 24 month limited warranty, too!

And, of course, your heated hose will have the Most Accurate and Verifiable Temperature Resolutions in the Industry! With almost 20 years of Precision Hose Design Experience, our staff has the technical ability to meet all of your specifications.

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